Why We Can’t Give Out ‘Ballpark’ HVAC Price Estimates Over the Phone

HVAC Ballpark Price EstimateWe understand how important it is to be able to budget for your home heating and cooling system’s repairs or replacements. Many of our customers give us a call hoping for a ‘ballpark’ price estimate, whether it’s for a replacement part, repairs on a broken unit, or even a new unit installation. When we explain that we simply aren’t able to give out those kinds of price estimates over the phone, it can understandably leave the caller a little frustrated by their inability to get a price quote without a visit from a service professional.

It’s not that we don’t want to help you out when it comes to pre-pricing a repair or installation. It’s that, ethically, we can’t give you that number.

Here’s why:

We Can’t Account for Variations in Cost

We’re more than happy to make a visit to your home, take a look at your current system, and put together a price on possible replacement or new HVAC installations. This allows us to take into account everything from the size of your home (different homes require different HVAC sizes), to whether or not you have no pets, just a dog or two, or a household menagerie that may affect how often you’ll need to switch out or clean your air filters to maintain indoor air quality.

We’ll ask you about your activities, what temperature you like the house to be in the winter or summer, and talk you through picking out the right option for your family and lifestyle.

There are simply too many variations for any over-the-phone conversation to map out, and some issues may not be noticable until our technician is right there in person to take a look.

An Inaccurate Quote Isn’t Honest Service

To give out even a ‘ballpark’ estimate over the phone would mean, at least occasionally, giving out numbers that we would know were likely not accurate. At Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we’re not here to mislead customers into paying more than they should. Our commitment to always being honest with our customers means we work to ensure our quotes are as accurate as humanly possible.

An in-person visit, where an experienced professional can get a good look at your home and really see what needs done and walk you through your options, will necessarily result in a quote that actually reflects the costs of the job you need done, rather than a hypothetical situation that doesn’t take your home, your family, or your life into account.

We Refuse to Leave You With a Mystery Bill

These days, having a budget plan is more important than ever. Since repair or installation costs can easily run up into the hundreds (or even thousands for a brand-new HVAC unit), you’ll likely want to be able to plan in advance. With an accurate quote after an in-person visit, we’ll be able to work with you to ensure that the project fits your needs and your bank account.

Rather than give you a quote that may be hundreds of dollars off base by the time the project is finished, we can sit down with you before we even begin and leave you better able to plan for repairs or installations in advance. That way, you’ll never be left scratching your head over a bill that contains mystery charges that don’t quite make sense.

We’ll even be able to walk you through our financing options. These options allow our customers not only to budget in advance but also to schedule needed repairs or installation sooner. You won’t have to wait around for your home to be comfortable and safe.

Schedule a Visit — We’re Here to Help

When you’re interested in replacing or repairing your HVAC unit, it’s important to choose a company you can trust to keep your family’s best interests in mind. At Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we don’t just make sure you get the best heating and cooling system for your household, but also save you money with our unique pricing structure. We charge by the project, not by the hour. When you schedule service with us, you’ll know that the price we give you won’t end up with tacked-on hourly charges once it’s complete. Plus, if you sign up for our Gold Star Membership, you’ll receive twice-yearly tuneups to keep your new system running at peak efficiency for years to come! To learn more, give us a call at (215) 799-9763 or schedule service online at any time.


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