Why Is My Tapwater Cloudy?

Why is my tapwater cloudy?The quality of the water within our homes is on everyone’s mind these days. Just about everybody is taking a closer look at their tapwater, and we’ve been fielding calls and questions from our customers wanting reassurance that their plumbing is safe and up-to-date. One of the most common questions we’ve been hearing these days is, “Why is my tapwater cloudy?”

Let’s take a look.

Cloudy Tapwater Isn’t Dangerous

Unless the water is coming out with brown, yellow, or any other discoloration, ‘cloudy’ or vaguely milky-looking water isn’t necessarily anything you need to worry too much about from a health and safety perspective.

Water tends to look “cloudy” if it gets too many air bubbles trapped in the pipes with it. This cloudiness should clear up after a few moments sitting by itself.

If you pour yourself a tall glass of water and notice that it seems cloudy, set it on the counter and walk away. If you return within a couple of minutes to find it looking nice and clear, then air bubbles were your issue and you should be fine to keep drinking it.

However, the answer to this question is likely to lead to another one…

What Causes Air Bubbles In My Pipes?

The most common answer is a break in your pipes.

When air leaks into your water pipes, it puts the water under increasing pressure, creating the cloudy or “milky” appearance. Once the water leaves the pipe (whether it’s into your drinking glass, filling up the sink or bathtub, or coming out of the showerhead), it’s no longer subject to the air pressure from the pipes and will clear up rapidly. It’s just an appearance issue, and doesn’t indicate any contamination is present.

However, we still recommend you contact a professional technician and your water company if you notice consistently milky or cloudy tapwater coming from your pipes. It does indicate a break in the line, either on your property or on municipal property, and it will need to be inspected and repaired.

While your water is still safe to drink, a leak in your pipes could be costing you big bucks in rising water bills or lead to issues with low water pressure or other plumbing problems.

Noticed Something Odd With Your Water Recently? We Can Help.

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