5 Ways to Breathe Easier This Winter

Breathe Easier This Winter HVACWhile we’re still enjoying the fall color and warm days, we know that winter is on its way. There’s a lot to love about the winter season (and there’s nothing as beautiful as that very first snow), but one thing about winter we’re not so fond of?

The way the dry, cold air finds its way into your lungs and makes it just a little bit harder to breathe, especially if you suffer from asthma or other respiratory issues. Cold, dry air tightens up the airways and you may find yourself routinely out of breath. We decided to put together five easy tips that can help you fight off those effects and breathe easier this winter.

1. Cover Your Mouth

While most of us know well enough to put on a coat, hat, and gloves before we head out into the chill, how many remember to cover their mouths, too? Use a scarf or neck gaiter to cover up your mouth while you’re outdoors and you won’t have to fight against breathing in super-dry air.

2. Keep An Eye on Indoor Air Quality

When the weather is chilly, you’re likely to stay inside far more often. If you haven’t changed your air filter recently or you have pets (or just an older home that seems to draw dust faster than you can get rid of it), you may find that your indoor air is as hard on your lungs as the outdoors! Make sure your air filters are changed monthly, and be sure to stick to your weekly cleaning schedule to get up every bit of dust, debris, and pet dander that you can.

3. Speaking of Pets…

It’s true. Our furry friends can be a big part of our breathing problems in winter. Odds are good that your pets are spending more time inside when it’s cold, too, and that means the fur is flying! Bathe your dog weekly with a gentle shampoo and make sure you use the vacuum at least once per week to pick up any pet hair that’s been finding its way into your home (and therefore into your lungs).

4. You Might Need to Skip Out on the Fireplace

We know, we know.  The crackle of a fire in the warm fireplace is one of the best parts of winter, right? Even a well-cleaned and well-maintained fireplace, however, can leave extra soot and smoke in the air, which you’ll be breathing in long after the fire itself has been doused. Use the fireplace only when you absolutely feel it necessary through the winter, and consider running an air purifier in the same room.

5. Pick Up a Humidifier (Or Two)

A big part of the reason winter air can be so rough on those with asthma or other respiratory issues? It’s so dry, and not just outside. Running your furnace at home will tend to dry out your air inside, too. It’s not uncommon for people to wake up with sore throats or even a nosebleed after sleeping in a very dry home. One way to combat this issue is to pick up a humidifier! These are widely available and will have a marked effect on how easy the air is to breathe in any room they run in. Just be sure not to leave the humidifier on non-stop.

When Winter Hits, We’ll Be Here

We’re not waiting for the first snowfall to start offering exceptional heating services to our communities here in Chester, Montgomery, Delaware, and Bucks counties. At Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we’re happy to get your home ready for the chill before the thermostat starts to dip.

Schedule your furnace tune-up today to ensure you’re prepared! Reach us by phone at (215) 855-2014 or contact us online to schedule service at any time!

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