How To Prep Your Pipes For Winter

ice-1343342_640.jpgHave your prepared your home’s pipes for winter? Taking preventative care for your home’s plumbing can save you thousands of dollars in the long run.

At Donnelly’s, we want to ensure our customers are prepared for the unexpected issues that may arise when there is a sudden drop in temperature.

When preparing your pipes for a Surburban Philiadelphia winter follow these simple steps:

Prepare Your Outdoor Faucets

Make sure to disconnect and drain your garden hoses. Leaving the hose connected to the outside faucet can cause water to remain in the faucet which can freeze and cause the pipe to burst and your hose to split. Consider putting an insulated cover over the hose bib.

Stay Aware Of A Change In Water Pressure

The first sign of a frozen pipe is low water pressure — if you turn on your faucet to find a low flow of water, you need to locate the freeze and gently thaw it out with a high dryer, or call a plumbing professional before a minor problem becomes an expensive home repair.

Note: Make sure you know where the master water shut-off valve is located in your home in case of a pipe bursting. The master water valve is usually located where the water line enters the home. 

Wrap Pipes In Unheated Areas

Install UL-listed “heat tape” or “heat cable” on any unheated, exposed water pipe. Examples of exposed pipes are any pipes outside of your home, or pipes located in your home where the temperature might drop below freezing (basements, garages, crawl spaces, etc.).

If the cold weather has already arrived, you may need to let a small steady stream of lukewarm water run through your home’s pipes to avoid freezing.

Water Heater Tune-Up

It’s important to flush your water heater once a year. As time goes by your water heater builds up impurities within its system. Regular water heater tune-ups can help double or triple the lifespan of your water heater.

Even in the Middle of the Night, We’re Here to Help!

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