Is My Water Pressure Too High?

highwaterpressure.jpegWhen it comes to water pressure there is a big difference between too much water pressure and not enough.

Your water pressure needs to be at a certain level to fill your appliances, water your garden, and perform other day-to-day tasks without frustration.

However, you don’t want your water pressure to be too high. High water pressure can cause stress on your pipes, plumbing, and water fixtures.

Wondering if your water pressure is too high? Ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are your faucets leaking or dripping?
  2. Are your toilets running?
  3. Are you hearing strange banging noises coming from your pipes?
  4. Have you taken some cold showers recently?
  5. Are your appliances making excessive noise?
  6. Do your appliances that use water undergo frequent breakdowns?

What Causes High Water Pressure?

Your home’s location can be the cause of high water pressure. If you live at the bottom of a hill, gravity could be the cause. If your home is near a fire hydrant or a skyscraper, the water company may have the pressure up higher. Another cause can be from your water heater passing off thermal expansion, causing changes in your water pressure.

How High Is Too High?

The ideal water pressure level is between 50-70 PSI. If your water pressure goes above 70 PSI (even occasionally), you should install a pressure regulator to your main water line. This will protect your plumbing and appliances, saving you from both the unexpected plumbing accidents and saving you money on your water bills and appliances.

If you aren’t sure how to check your pressure, here’s how:

  • Take a gauge and screw it onto your outdoor faucet
  • The gauge will read the pressure amount currently being forced out.
  • If it’s too high, contact the plumbing professionals here at Donnelly’s.

Dealing With High Water Pressure? We’re Here to Help!

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