4 Signs You Need To Call A Plumber

Signs You Need A PlumberPlumbing problems are usually unexpected and while some issues are easier to handle, others may need the expertise of a plumbing professional.

If a pipe bursts and water is flooding everywhere it’s obvious that you need to make an emergency appointment but, what about the other plumbing problems that don’t seem to need immediate attention?

Here are four scenarios where you need to bring in a professional:

Your Toilet Is Running

Shhhhh! Your toilet is constantly running. This means that the seal connecting the tank and the bowl is defective, causing water to leak into the bowl and thereby causing the tank to constantly need to refill. A plumber can easily fix this issue and save you long-term costs of wasted water.

Your Tub Isn’t Draining

Is your shower or bathtub taking forever to drain? Your first instinct might be to pour chemicals down your drain to help break up whatever’s clogging it. However, because these types of chemicals can be hard on your pipes, we don’t suggest this approach. A bathtub or shower should drain out almost instantaneously. If yours doesn’t, it might be time to call Donnelly’s!

Your Basement Is Always Damp

While an unusually damp basement can be the fault of poor insulation and rainwater seeping in, it can also result from leaky pipes. Excess water on your floors and walls can lead to even bigger issues like mold. Not only could mold potentially cost you a lot of money; it can also take a toll on your family’s health. If you are experiencing excess water in your basement, call a plumbing professional to identify where the moisture is coming from.

Your Faucet Is Dripping

While a dripping faucet may not seem like a major deal, it’s actually something that needs to be addressed right away. Not only is a dripping faucet extremely annoying, but it’s also a serious water waster. Depending on how long you let your faucet leak, you could be wasting thousands of gallons of water. Don’t let your money drip down the drain!

Need Help? We’re Here For You.

Are you experiencing any of the above plumbing scenarios, Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling is ready to help! We’re happy to send out our service professionals, day or night, to make sure your home’s plumbing system is clean, clear, and safe for your household.

Give us a call at (215) 855-2014 or schedule service online at any time!

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