What Happens at a GoldStar System Check?

What Happens at a Gold Star Tuneup?Our GoldStar program is something we take great pride in. After over 44-45 years in the business, we’ve learned the value of providing our customers with more than just quality workmanship and great customer service — we’ve learned that it’s just as important to offer them peace of mind.

We designed our twice-yearly system checks (included in your GoldStar membership) for your home heating and cooling system because we understand that your home should be a place where you can truly relax.

We understand wanting a little more information before you sign up. One of the most common questions we receive is simply, “What will actually happen at these system checkups?” Today, we’re here to answer your question.

We’ll Work With You on Scheduling

There’s nothing worse than paying for scheduled visits only to find they just somehow never seem to get, well, scheduled. At Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling, we take the lead in contacting you to make sure your visits are scheduled every six months.

We Get to Know Your Home Heating and Cooling System

Our technicians will never be brusque or brush off your sincere questions about your HVAC. We’re happy to walk you through our thorough preventative maintenance process, and we won’t leave until you feel comfortable with the information we have shared.

Some of the steps we take during your inspection include:

  • Checking for gas leaks in a gas heating system
  • Look at whether your HVAC is a unit that really fits your household requirements
  • Inspection of your ductwork to check for leaks or other issues
  • Return registers cleaned as needed
  • Inspect service valves and refrigerant lines
  • Check the compressor
  • Inspect air filters, changing if needed
  • Test thermostat to ensure it is working properly
  • Measure fan motor voltage
  • Inspect and flush drain lines and condenser pan
  • Verify air flow across coil
  • Measure the temperature difference between supply and return air
  • … and more.

Our service technicians don’t skip anything and they will be happy to make sure you’re informed each step of the way.

We’ll Share Our Recommendations

Once our service professionals have done their work inspecting and ensuring your system is working properly, they’ll speak with you about the status of your equipment and what repairs, if any, may be needed to bring your system up to peak efficiency. We do not believe in hard-sell service.  While we’ll make recommendations or give advice on issues that may arise or repairs that may be needed, we will never try to pressure you into paying for anything you’re not comfortable with.

You can count on Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling to provide honest advice.

Are Repairs Needed? GoldStar Benefits Continue

Your monthly payment doesn’t just cover two scheduled visits per year — it also nets you member-specific discounts and priority scheduling, designed to make service and repairs as easy on you as possible. We don’t charge by the hour, but by the project, so we’d be happy to make sure you’re informed well in advance what the costs may be for any needed repairs or new installations. We also have financing available, so budgeting for large repairs will be even easier on your household.

Ready to Sign Up? Hoping to Learn More? We’re Happy to Help!

Whether you’re ready to sign up for GoldStar Membership right this minute or still feel like you could use a little more information, give Donnelly’s Plumbing Heating and Cooling a call! We can get you started right away or answer any question about the GoldStar program you can think of, so you’ll be fully informed when you schedule that first GoldStar System Check! You can reach us by phone at (215) 799-9763 or click the banner below to learn more about our GoldStar Membership.



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