Air Conditioning Preventative Maintenance in Lansdale, PA

If It’s Not Broken, Don’t Fix It. We agree!

But if that’s your excuse for not conducting preventative maintenance on the air conditioning unit in your home, then you may want to rethink your logic. Here’s why…

Air Conditioning Preventative MaintenancePreventative maintenance now saves you from making big repairs on your HVAC system later. If you can catch a small glitch before it turns into a major malfunction, you’ll save money in the long run. Wouldn’t you rather pay for a repair than a replacement?

When an expert conducts preventative maintenance on your AC unit, he or she determines if your HVAC system is running efficiently. If it’s not, you’re literally blowing money out the window—and nobody wants that.

Sometimes efficiency is simply the difference between a clean air filter and a dirty one. You just never know until you get your system checked, and that’s why it’s worth the effort. If you don’t think so now, just wait. You’ll change your mind the month after your maintenance check when you see how much you saved on your energy bill.

Donnelly’s provides the following air conditioning services:

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We would also like to help you avoid emergency cooling system and air conditioning repairs through our Gold Star Membership. As a Gold Star Member, we will inspect your home and provide routine AC repairs and air conditioning maintenance to fix small problems before they become big ones.