This could be the last job you ever apply for.

Work the craft you’ve mastered for customers and a company that value you.

Donnelly's Emergency Service Tech

As a plumbing or HVAC tech, you spend almost 3/4 of your working days in the field and with customers.

Shouldn’t that time be spent taking pride not only in jobs well done but also in customer recognition? That’s exactly what you get at Donnelly’s. If you look at the way we market ourselves, you’ll see we stand out from our competitors. And that different positioning brings us a different type of customer.

In fact, when asked why they love working for us, one of the top reasons employees give is our customers. It’s no wonder 60–70% of service requests ask for our techs by name—there’s a relationship. That’s what really sets us apart and what we’ve worked hard for years to create.

Meet the Donnelly's Team

We listen.

At Donnelly’s, we pride ourselves on not only listening to employee feedback but also applying what we hear to the way we do business and the way you do your job. Since you’ve already looked at our branding, you know we don’t promise emergency service in a snap—we’re not pizza delivery drivers.

Employees who are able to spend their nights and weekends with friends and family are happier, and this is something we strive for. It’s reflected in our company culture and is why our people stay with us for so long. They get to do the work they’ve mastered for a company that values them as humans—not just on-call, overloaded, stressed workers devoted to the bottom line.

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