A/C Preventative Maintenance
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There’s no reason to risk losing your cool to a preventable breakdown.

Call the preventive maintenance experts at Donnelly’s and let us help ensure you don’t have to.

From decades of performing cooling-system repairs and replacements, we know the vast majority could have been avoided. All it takes is a small investment toward one of your home’s largest investments.

Routine preventive maintenance is the smartest, simplest and most cost-effective way to ward off sudden breakdowns. It can save you from the hassle and expense of needless repairs, and help make sure your current system lasts as long as it should while running at peak efficiency.

All Donnelly’s home comfort specialists are trained to administer our proprietary 28-point checkup. We’ve designed and refined this comprehensive system to quickly identify any small issues that could have a future impact on your cooling system’s performance.

For some, the notion of scheduling service for equipment that isn’t broken may seem unnecessary.  But the reality is putting off preventive maintenance is like neglecting to see your doctor for a routine checkup. You’re losing an opportunity to catch early symptoms of what could later become more serious—and costly—problems. You’re losing an opportunity to prevent the unexpected and possibly save thousands of dollars.


What should you expect during a preventive maintenance checkup?

You should expect a courteous and knowledgeable technician fully trained in our proactive screening and maintenance techniques. They’ll perform a carefully calibrated series of small steps designed to pinpoint any complications that could turn into larger problems. Examples include checking:

  • Condenser and evaporator coils for cleanliness
  • Refrigerant levels
  • Ductwork for cleanliness and obstructions
  • Thermostat performance
  • Safety-control operation
  • The presence of carbon monoxide and other harmful exhaust fumes

Ultimately, all functioning parts of your home’s cooling system will be examined to be certain they perform as intended, operate at peak efficiency and are safe for you and your family. 

Make it easier to enjoy a cool and worry-free summer. Rather than risk an unexpected breakdown on the worst possible day, schedule a preventive-maintenance visit from the home comfort specialists at Donelly’s today.

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