A/C Repair
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Breathe new life into your cooling system and renewed comfort into your home.

For the most urgent repairs, you can always depend on the Donnelly’s home comfort specialists.

Little is more disconcerting than returning home on a scorching summer day only to find your personal refuge from the heat is no longer that. We’ve been there, too, and fully understand that returning comfort to your home is a matter of urgency. Because while there are some home repairs that can be put off, your cooling system’s isn’t one of them. 

Our expertly trained technicians repair nearly every type of residential cooling system. Using advanced techniques, they take the time to diagnose all underlying issues before determining the most effective remedies. This unrivaled level of care is what we’re known for. It can significantly extend the life of your home’s cooling system while helping prevent the need for avoidable repairs in the future—or an untimely replacement.


And because we always provide upfront, fully transparent project-based pricing, you’ll know the total cost before we even begin.

A small sampling of our repair services includes:

  • Refrigerant replenishment and replacement
  • Multi-zone A/C system repair
  • Central air system repair
  • Heat pump repair and replacement
  • Full-home filter system repair

The above services represent only a fraction of the repairs our home comfort specialists are expertly trained to administer. If your cooling system can be repaired, then rest easy knowing our team will get the job done.

When the discomfort of summer’s heat and humidity invades your personal haven, we know you don’t want to wait for a solution. Call the repair specialists at Donnelly’s today for prompt, professional and courteous restoration of your home’s comfort. 

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