Burst Pipes, Flooding & Other Serious Repairs
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The fixes you need, when you need them.

Day or night, our team of plumbing experts is standing by to take care of your emergency.

Stop reading now if you have a plumbing emergency you know or suspect could be dangerous to you or your family. Call (215) 855-2014 so we can guide you through any safety measures you can take prior to our technician’s arrival.

You and your family’s safety is our top concern. After that comes your home’s. And for both reasons, we offer rapid-response repairs for the most serious plumbing emergencies. 

In Pennsylvania, we see plenty of burst pipes throughout the winter. Unfortunately, even the best winterproofing can’t completely eliminate the possibility of a burst. And by their very nature, they happen at the worst-possible times (there’s no best-possible time for a burst pipe). Yes, it’s an emergency that can leave you feeling defeated. Many of us have been there, too. But it’s also an emergency that can fixed and, far more often than not, prevented from recurring.


How confident are you in the quality of your winterproofing? 

If you can’t answer, “Extremely,” then please give us a call—ideally before the next harsh PA winter arrives. We’ll send an expert home comfort specialist over for a preventive maintenance visit. They’ll ensure your pipes are as well-protected as they possibly can be. 

Is it already too late and your basement or another part of your home is flooded?

Don’t wait to call us for help! Hopefully, you’ve made a call to Donnelly’s and are reading this only after following the safety precautions described over the phone and/or outlined in our emergency-safety guide. 

In most cases, flooding is something we can fully remediate. Yes, you may lose an appliance or two in the basement or a rug in the living room. But our rapid-response team will be there for you to get the water out from where it doesn’t belong and your life back to where it does. 

We are home comfort specialist. But you and your family’s safety will always come first. If you have a serious plumbing emergency, call immediately so our expert technicians can fix the problem before more damage is done.

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