Professional Heating System Installation
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Staying warm at home should never be a struggle.

But if your home’s heating system struggles to keep you warm, the Donnelly’s home comfort specialists have you covered.

Furnace, heat pump or boiler, all residential heating systems share two things in common: they’re designed to keep you and your loved ones comfortable, and they don’t last forever.

Even the best-maintained heating system has a lifespan. And unfortunately, we’re often met with a very chilly reminder when that span is reached. But even if your existing system gave you 15 years of faithful service, it’s only natural to feel upset—and anxious—at the prospect of needing a replacement.

It’s not a small investment, you want to choose the best system to meet the needs of your home and budget and, most importantly, you want to ensure you and your loved ones never suffer through a bitter winter night. We know because we’ve been there, too. 

But when replacement is the only option, you can rely on the home comfort specialists at Donnelly’s to take excellent care of you. We’ll help guide you toward choosing your new system while balancing the needs of your home and your budget. And though the upfront investment isn’t insignificant, your new system will make up for some or all of it thanks to increased efficiency over the course of its lifetime.

We specialize in installing:

  • Gas furnaces
  • Oil furnaces 
  • Electric furnaces
  • Heat pumps
  • Central heating systems
  • Boilers and more

With a new system, you can enjoy:

  • Significantly lower energy bills thanks to newer, high-efficiency heating solutions
  • The stress relief of needing to make fewer repair calls thanks to increased reliability
  • An overall more comfortable home
  • The benefits of multi-zone heating
  • A more environmentally friendly heating solution

Of course, the greatest benefit of all is knowing you can keep your home and those you love reliably warm through the coldest of Pennsylvania winters.

What if my heating system isn’t completely broken?

When our technicians visit, they’ll let you know not only if your system can be repaired but also if it’s a more cost-effective option than replacement. We pride ourselves on transparency and won’t pressure you to spend money unnecessarily. 

But even if your older heating system hasn’t yet broken down completely, investing in a new one may still make sense. 

  • Has your system required two or more repairs within the past two years?
  • Are your energy bills higher than they used to be during the fall and winter months? 
  • Is a series of never-ending repairs approaching the cost of a new system?
  • Is your current system ten or more years old?

If you answered YES to any of the above questions, then consider a replacement now. You’ll save yourself the frustration and discomfort that comes from needing a replacement when you least expect it.

For heating system replacement done right—with respect for your time, home and budget—call the home comfort specialists at Donnelly’s today.

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