Water Softener System Installation
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Your home’s water supply shouldn’t be hard to live with.

The home comfort specialists at Donnelly’s make it easy to eliminate hard water.

Pennsylvania homeowners are no strangers to hard water and the problems it causes. As water passes through underground rock layers, it picks up high concentrations of magnesium and calcium. And unfortunately, whether your home’s water supply comes from a private or municipal well, the mineral concentrations remain relatively consistent. 

While these minerals may not pose a threat to your health, they do to your home’s plumbing system and your overall comfort.


What’s the problem with hard water? 

Hard water is hard on your wallet. The Water Quality Research Foundation reports that in as few as 18 months, hard water can reduce your showerhead’s flow rate by 75%. This indicates high strain inside your home’s pipes and the potential for what seems like an everyday nuisance to become an unexpected plumbing emergency. 

A water softener is also one of the best energy-saving investments you can make. The same study found that hard water significantly reduces water-heater efficiency. The cost of operating the appliance over its lifetime increased by nearly 25% in some cases. 

Now factor in the additional soap you’ll need to clean just about anything in your home—yourself included—and the expense of hard water quickly adds up. 

Hard water also makes for a more frustrating and less comfortable home living. 

  • Your tubs, showers and sinks will be hard to keep clean due to a never-ending flow of scale-causing minerals.
  • Your clothing won’t last as long or clean as readily as hard water reacts with and negates the effects of most laundry detergents.
  • No matter how often you wash them, your dishes will always be covered in streaks and mineral residue.
  • Minerals and unrinsed soap will buildup in your hair, making it look duller and feel rougher than it should. 

What are the immediate benefits of softened water?

When the home comfort specialists at Donnelly’s install your home’s water softener, you’ll enjoy the benefits instantly. These include:

  • Scale- and scum-free baths, showers, toilets and more
  • Better-tasting water
  • Cleaner, softer clothes while using a fraction of the detergent
  • Streak-free dishes straight straight from the wash
  • Softer, more vibrant hair
  • Longer appliance lifetimes as your dishwasher, washing machine and water heater can operate more efficiently
  • Lower energy bills

Most importantly, you’ll no longer need to worry that continued mineral deposits are contributing to what could later become a major plumbing emergency. 

There’s no need to live with hard water. It’s frustrating, expensive and could lead to serious plumbing issues if left unaddressed. Instead, rely on the knowledge and expertise of the Donnelly’s home comfort specialists to help with all your softener installation, service and repair needs.

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