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Sump Pump Repair and Replacement


Even if your sump pump was working fine last year, it might not be ready to handle this year’s rainy season. Dirt, gravel and sand will shorten the life of the pump.

You know that even just an inch or two of water in your basement can cause thousands of dollars of damage and create a huge inconvenience to you and your family. Drying out, cleaning and restoring your basement takes time and money. To protect your home from a major headache like this, you need to make sure your sump pump is in top shape and won’t fail when you need it the most.

We guarantee courteous, professional service by trained, expert technicians who can maintain your sump pump or install the right system to meet the needs of your home.

For expert sump pump service and emergency repair, call Donnelly’s at 215-855-2014 or contact us online to schedule service.

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What Exactly Is A Sump Pump?

A sump pump is a small water pump that gets installed in the lowest point of a basement or crawlspace beneath a house or other building. It keeps the building dry and prevents flooding. These pumps are usually installed in specially constructed pits and water flows into the pit through drains or through natural migration of water through the soil. The sump pump pumps this water out of the pit and away from the home or building, keeping the basement or crawlspace dry.

Four FAQs about Sump Pumps

Q. How can I tell if my sump pump is/isn’t working?

A. You can run water into the pit (which could take a long time) or you can lift up the float on the pump to manually start it.

Q. How often should my sump pump be serviced?

A. Some manufacturers recommend having it looked at yearly. Others say every few months.

We can take a look at yours and recommend a maintenance schedule.

Q. How long do sump pumps usually last?

A. This really depends on how often it runs. And that is affected by where you live and the level of the water table around your home. Most manufacturers warranty a sump pump for one year.

Q. What do your service reps do when they come out and inspect my sump pump?

A. We check to make sure the outlet has power; we check for debris on the sump pump screen; we check to see that the pump comes on and shuts off; we check the outside discharge line when possible, and clear any debris floating in the sump liner.