Types of Plumbing Drain Repair Issues

Types of Drain Repair IssuesPlumbing drain repair issues are usually pretty easy to detect, as they result in water getting backed up in your drains when you run the faucet or shower, or slow your toilet flushing mechanism down.

Often, this is nothing more than a minor inconvenience, but it can be a sign of more extensive plumbing issues and thus needs to be taken seriously.

A professional inspection of the problem drain and surrounding piping is usually enough to accurately pinpoint the issue.

Here are some of the most common types of plumbing drain repair issues typically encountered.

Simple Blockages

More often than not, plumbing drain repair issues involve nothing more than a simple clog. One of the most common causes of this type of issue is the collection of hair and greasy materials that solidify in the plumbing system, creating a blockage.

There are several signs that indicate that you may have this type of an issue. This includes a drain that is much slower than normal and/or starts causing water to collect and back up in your sink, moisture buildup in the walls (where the clogged pipes are) or where the drain piping ends, and bubbling or gurgling sounds that can be heard when the water begins to drain out.

Poorly Vented Toilet Drain Line

If you notice air bubbles rising up through your toilet bowl when the water is otherwise stationary, or if the water levels suddenly begins rising and falling, this can be a sign of a plumbing drain repair issue in your venting system.

Essentially, the purpose of a venting system is to provide the necessary air to equalize the pressure in the drain line, allowing for smooth water flow through the drains. When the venting system is poorly designed or gets blocked, it can lead to the aforementioned drainage problems.

Roots in the Drain Lines

A more severe plumbing drain repair involves the infiltration of your drain line by nearby tree roots. In this case, the tree root system seeks out the water source located in the pipe, taking advantage of any cracks or fractures, however slight.

At first the tree will grow small, hair-like roots to infiltrate the pipe; as these roots grow bigger, they will begin to slow your drains down. Symptoms of this type of issue can include everything from gurgling noises when you flush water down the toilet to slow moving drains and even complete drain blockages.

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