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When you’re happy, we’re happy.

Everyone on the Donnelly’s team considers ourselves fortunate to have so many happy clients, and are grateful to be recognized for our service.

Meet the Donnelly's Team
Mike Christie
Mike Christie 5.0

Experience was great. Matt the tech I had was super thorough and knowledgeable.

Elaine Herbert
Elaine Herbert 5.0

Professional and timely service

Steven Kooker
Steven Kooker 5.0

Vinayak Desai
Vinayak Desai 5.0

Charles Shiner
Charles Shiner 5.0

The Donnelly team was great. Good quality, professional and timely.

Adrienne McClinton
Adrienne McClinton 5.0

The staff technician were courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. They took time to explain my options and repairs. I enjoy Donnelly’s and their staff. I highly recommend this company.

Ed M
Ed M 5.0

Thomas Conahan
Thomas Conahan 5.0

Tech was very good.

James Hibbs
James Hibbs 5.0

Mary Ryan
Mary Ryan 5.0

James Conway
James Conway 5.0

celeste bernstiel
celeste bernstiel 5.0

michele harrison
michele harrison 5.0

Richard Lane
Richard Lane 5.0

Our serviceman was excellent, super nice

Paul Durfee
Paul Durfee 5.0

Joe Madden contacted us before he came, used social distancing measures, identified the problem, answered all of our questions and most importantly... Stopped the leak. We've had multiple plumbers fix things at our home, but Joe was better than all of ...them, we will definitely contact Donnelly the next time we have a plumbing issue.Read More...

acjenkins3 5.0

Carolyn Johnson
Carolyn Johnson 5.0

Donald Franks
Donald Franks 4.0

Ray Tartaglia
Ray Tartaglia 5.0

The technician was responsive and answered all of my questions. He worked quickly and efficiently. He even got me set up with a maintenance plan.

Andrew McClelland
Andrew McClelland 5.0

The staff is friendly and the communication is modern and consistent (text notices, etc). Nick was the technician and he was AWESOME. Very friendly, knowledgeable and thorough. Completed the job quickly and left the work area clean. Did a quick ...walkthrough at the end with some good pointers.Read More...

Ken Jenkins
Ken Jenkins 4.0

Donnelly installed our water softener and we were happy with the service. However, when we recently used them again because of water flow problems, the technician explained that the pipes were installed backwards. He apologized and fixed the situation. ...Donnelly took responsibility for the mistake .Read More...

Susan Delaney-Acquaviva
Susan Delaney-Acquaviva 5.0

Jason Crowe
Jason Crowe 5.0

Jay Mullen
Jay Mullen 5.0

Our repairman Tom did a wonderful job ! He was professional and efficient.

vickie nast
vickie nast 5.0

The installer was very knowledgeable And he fixed the issue with our diverter With no problems we will use Donnelly going forward with all plumbing and issues that need repair 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

Jch Jch
Jch Jch 5.0

Very thorough and honest business, great technician.

Tracey williams
Tracey williams 5.0

Nick Lenzi has been to our house now twice and he's always on time very friendly professional and on the ball he gave me a quote turned out to be less which was great but I would have been willing to pay anything as he does such a great work. everyone ...I've also talked to you by phone and by text has been nothing but professional and kind and on the ball I would recommend Donnelly's to anybody and I think you should clone NickRead More...

Diana H
Diana H 5.0

Matt DeLuca
Matt DeLuca 5.0

Great company. I’ve been using them to service my HVAC system for a few years, and just recently had to use them for an emergency plumbing repair. They are very responsive and were able to show up right away. They fixed the issue quickly, and their is very neat and clean when working in the house. Highly recommended.Read More...

david rothblat
david rothblat 5.0

Craig Valvano
Craig Valvano 5.0

Robert BEVICH 5.0

Tom was awesome!!!

Christy Major
Christy Major 4.0

I have been happy with the work that has been done. I was a little disappointed that my most recent repair was rescheduled 4 times by the company.

Christina Visco
Christina Visco 5.0

Excellent job

John Miller
John Miller 5.0

Service tech (Joe) did a great job, very professional and to the point. Would gladly do business with Joe and Donnelly's again.

Jodi Marsh
Jodi Marsh 5.0

The repair man was very friendly and did a great job!

Steve Levine
Steve Levine 5.0

Technician was friendly, professional

Dan Soderberg
Dan Soderberg 5.0

Trisha Hoffman
Trisha Hoffman 5.0

debra burrell
debra burrell 5.0

Robert Kravitz
Robert Kravitz 5.0

Excellent !

Brenda Timble
Brenda Timble 5.0

william kane
william kane 5.0

Steve DeBow
Steve DeBow 5.0

Mike O'Donnell
Mike O'Donnell 5.0

Technician was very personable and helpful.

June Solliday
June Solliday 5.0

Steve Schnell
Steve Schnell 5.0

Ashley Rodriguez
Ashley Rodriguez 5.0

Our technician, Matt, was excellent! He was here on time, was courteous and extremely knowledgeable. He fixed our problem and answered all of our questions. We will definitely use Donnelly again and recommend them to friends and family. We are ...extremely pleased!Read More...

jen scap
jen scap 5.0

William Austin
William Austin 5.0

The Donnelly’s technician was outstanding — professional, courteous, knowledgeable, and efficient. I would strongly recommend Donnelly’s for anyone’s plumbing needs.

Carol Pickell
Carol Pickell 5.0

Shane is an asset to your business. Professional knowledgeable and a perfect gentleman.

Susan Zimmerman
Susan Zimmerman 5.0

Tom was very, professional, knowledgeable, and caring. I would highly recommend Donnelly’s for any plumbing needs.

Kim Petrecz
Kim Petrecz 5.0

Very pleased with the excellent service provided by Donnelly

Robert DiDomenico
Robert DiDomenico 4.0

I would give 5 stars expect they came saying the job was too big and it was late in the day. They left and came back several days later leaving my disabled dad to navigate two flights of steps to get to a usable bathroom. I would have been happier if ...they plugged hole with rubber and a clamp until they came back to finish the job.Read More...

Steph Rozinski
Steph Rozinski 5.0

Al Linquist
Al Linquist 1.0

Technician came out to install a new vanity in the family room bathroom. We had bought the vanity. When he was done he was getting ready to leave and I asked him about putting the door to the bathroom back on its hinges. He showed me a picture and told that if he did that then I would be unable to close the door. If he would have told me this before hand then I could have obtained another unit that would have fit right. He charged us $1250 for the installation and promptly left as I went to check the work. I would not use this company again in the futureRead More...

Jon Knapp
Jon Knapp 5.0

christopher k
christopher k 5.0

George Golding
George Golding 5.0

Matt was terrific. From beginning to end, wry professional, thorough and knowledgeable.

Kurt Schweighauser
Kurt Schweighauser 5.0

Sean Arney
Sean Arney 5.0

Janice Thomas
Janice Thomas 5.0

Joseph Lukas
Joseph Lukas 5.0

Vicky Cangelosi
Vicky Cangelosi 5.0

The plumber arrived during the scheduled window of time and took the time to figure out what was causing our clogged drain. He located our outside access and used a machine to clear the clog. He was very friendly, professional and knew exactly what to do.

Dan Lee
Dan Lee 5.0

Nick came in on time and explained everything he was doing. It ended up being a jam and we paid the minimum. We have used Donnellys since we purchased our home and will continue to do so.

Richard Michalek
Richard Michalek 1.0

Typical bait and switch. Says one price online and five times the price when they come out. I even specifically asked the person on the phone about what the cost would be. Use the H company instead.

B Eichfeld
B Eichfeld 5.0

Marianne Monzo
Marianne Monzo 5.0

Bob Pavlick
Bob Pavlick 5.0

Very friendly and knowledgeable technician. Arrived on time and the service was excellent.

Jon Lightner
Jon Lightner 5.0

I personally had great experiences with services from Donnelly’s. I had 3 different services varying in complexity and cost over the last 6 months. All have been done with high quality and quick turn-arounds. Whenever I need work on plumbing and ...heating, I go to them AND will continue to go to them. Great for new home owners.Read More...

philip katcher
philip katcher 4.0

Kristin Kurek
Kristin Kurek 5.0

Edie Russo
Edie Russo 5.0

Stacey Carr
Stacey Carr 5.0

Yearly well maintenance. Derrick was awesome!

Rachel Weber
Rachel Weber 5.0

Nick was very friendly, professional, and took the time to explain everything that was wrong.

Libro Giovarelli
Libro Giovarelli 1.0

The worst company I have ever had to deal with. 3 years ago my HVAC system was improperly installed. It was wired was incorrectly and then, after I thought there would be no more issues, the vent pipe popped out due to improper installation, causing ...everything to vent back into my basement. After countless hours of back and forth, trying to get some type of resolution, they redeemed themselves and we thought that was it. Actually, they redeemed themselves to the point that we used their plumbing service. Most recently, within in the past three weeks, after taking off from work to be here, they have forced me to reschedule plumbing service and again today for routine HVAC servicing. Today, Friday, at 4:57p, they called to cancel HVAC servicing and refused to let me speak to a manager to try and salvage the day. How am I suppose to get Monday’s vacation day back at 5:00p on a Friday? They will lie about carting because they are family owned. They don’t care about their customers.Read More...

Greg Ryan
Greg Ryan 5.0

Shane came out to look at issue with boiler and recommended new system. He clearly explained issues and concerns with current system and why he was recommending replacement. I felt comfortable with his explanations and appreciated his handling all my ...questions. It’s a big investment but I’m confident in our decision.Read More...

Lindsay Beuke
Lindsay Beuke 5.0

Nick was fantastic! Thank you so much!

Tara Radcliffe
Tara Radcliffe 5.0

Professional and responsive. Great service

Marcos Gonzalez
Marcos Gonzalez 5.0

Service tech Josh was brilliant. He was efficient and able to explain issue. He thought out of the box to come up with a good solution. Very satisfied.

Kitty Cat vlogs
Kitty Cat vlogs 4.0

Moheb Soliman
Moheb Soliman 2.0

1st I called to schedule and they promised me to give me an estimate time for the tech and next day he just called to say , I am at your house and I wasn’t there and my wife had to deal with him , then he charged me a lot for a just starting the unit I left the furnace door open and didn’t know that this would stop the unit , he literally stayed 10 min , too much charge for $263 for not changing or fixing anything, just put on the new thermostat which I did already ,Read More...

Kathleen Graver
Kathleen Graver 5.0

Mike 5.0

Very professional - great communication - showed up on time and identified/fixed all issues.

Clinton Phillips
Clinton Phillips 5.0


Thomas A. Fosnocht, Jr
Thomas A. Fosnocht, Jr 5.0

Joseph Albert was prompt, friendly and knowledgeable. His job was to diagnose a malfunctioning HVAC system

Marcos Aguilar
Marcos Aguilar 5.0

Christina Replogle
Christina Replogle 5.0

Derrick was friendly, knowledgeable, professional, arrived on time and solved all the problems.

william carl waker
william carl waker 5.0

Scott 5.0

Travis Brower
Travis Brower 5.0

David Lippel
David Lippel 5.0

I am very happy with the attentive service Tom Gardner provided.

Tara McBride
Tara McBride 1.0

I had a technician give me a price to repair a drain clamp to fix our leak and this company wanted to charge me $497. He also told me I need a new faucet and he would install it for $300. Was a load of lies. The faucet was fine!!! I had a neighbor ...refer an excellent plumber and he charged me $100 for the job and did a great job. This company is high way robbery!!! Be aware!!!!!Read More...

Y. M.
Y. M. 5.0

We had a leak inside meter pit outside in the ground. It felt really fortunate to have Matt come out. He is really professional and took the time he needs and performed an impossible repair for us. Great Job! I think the company is really lucky to have ...employee like Matt.Read More...

Louis Carboni
Louis Carboni 5.0

System diagnostic

Dan Malley
Dan Malley 5.0

Joshua Snook
Joshua Snook 5.0

Ruth Waddington
Ruth Waddington 5.0

Dave was very professional and offered explanations of what was being done. Efficient and left my bathrooms clean. Will use them again

Sara Boyes
Sara Boyes 5.0

The technician was kind and courteous. I had my hot water heater replaced as an emergency appointment. He was very thorough, answering all my questions and performing the repairs quickly.

Joyce Kornfeld
Joyce Kornfeld 5.0

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