The team behind your total home comfort. 

And your peace of mind.

Meet the Donnelly's Team

At Donnelly’s, your comfort is our number one concern.

That’s why we focus on making you and your family as comfortable prior to your appointment as your home will be once we’re done. Because needing plumbing or HVAC service can be stressful enough without worrying about who’s visiting your home.

We pride ourselves on developing lasting relationships with our customers based on a foundation of technical expertise, courtesy, professionalism, and integrity. It starts from your very first call to our support team and follows through every engagement you have with our technicians.

Please see below for photos and bios of the team members whom we consider family and are proud to be your Home Comfort Specialists.


Your Home Comfort Specialists

Alicia D. Team Page

Alicia D.

Derrick A. Team

Derrick A. 
Plumbing Technician

Joe A. Team

Joe A.
HVAC Technician

Julie F. Team

Julie F.
Customer Experience Specialist

Mindy S. Team

Mindy S.
Trade Administrator

Christopher D. Team

Christopher D.

Frank V. Team

Frank V.
Production Coordinator

Joe M. Team

Joe M.
Plumbing Technician

Lisa S. Team

Lisa S.
Customer Experience Specialist

Nick L. Team

Nick L.
Plumbing Technician


Cliff Y.
HVAC Technician

Ian T. Team

Ian T.
Production Manager


Joe H.
Service Manager

Tom Team

Tom G.
Plumbing Technician

Nick R. Team

Nick R.
Plumbing Technician

Dave G. Team

Dave G.
Plumbing Technician

Jeff R. Team

Jeff R. 
HVAC Technician

Joshua M. Team

Joshua M.
HVAC Technician

Matt F. Team

Matt F.
HVAC Technician

Shane H. Team

Shane H.
HVAC Technician

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