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Water Softeners Installation and Repair

water-softenerNot all water is created equal. As water passes through rocks, sand, and strata, it picks up minerals — especially calcium and magnesium — that results in hard water coming out your taps. Additionally, many towns use chlorine to disinfect water, which dries out your hair and skin.

Protect Your Home and Your Health

If you are concerned about the quality of your water, call Donnelly’s today. We can install a basic water softener system that will remove the hardness from your water, straining out 99% of the chemicals that were put in, whether on purpose (like chlorine), or by accident (such as dissolved medications). The water you drink and use when preparing your meals will then be bottled-water pure!

With our water softener system in place:

  • Your water will taste better immediately!
  • You will no longer have scale buildup in your water heater, toilets, water closets, pipes, and shower.
  • Your skin and hair will be softer and smoother while using less soap and shampoo.
  • Your clothes will wash cleaner and last longer while using less detergent.
  • Your appliances — including your water heater, dishwasher, washing machine, etc. — will run more efficiently and last longer.

Improve your water instantly! For fast, professional, expert water softener repair, service or installation, call Donnelly’s today at 215-855-2014 or click the banner below to schedule service online.

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